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Upcoming Programs

Establish Your Personal Brand and Enhance Your Online Presence - presented by Anouk Pappers

Wednesday, August 18, 2021, 4:00 - 5:00 pm, Virtual

Anouk Pappers will be back with us this summer! She teaches us the importance of having and controlling a strong online presence, and how to promote yourself as a board candidate. She’ll talk about the common mistakes people make with regards to their online presence and give us her Tips and Tactics for personal branding. Learn more about Anouk’s company here and here.

Register here.

Broadening Corporate Board Diversity: Earning a Board Seat

May 2022, Date TBD

Applications for 2022 coming soon.

This program is designed for women, people of color, and those who would add in other ways to diversity and who want to learn more about corporate board service. Topics include the job of a director, the skills needed and how to develop them, realistic approaches to advancing your candidacy for a board of directors' position, diverse directors in non-diverse settings, and evaluating companies and opportunities. Enrollment is limited and based upon application. For more information, contact Lissa Broome, 919.962.7066;

Sponsorship opportunities: If your company is interested in sponsoring this program, please email Lissa Broome, Sponsorship includes complimentary registrations.

Past Programs

The National Association of Corporate Directors (NACD) and the NACD Research Triangle Chapter

July 15, 2021, Virtual

Many of you are familiar with NACD. Until recently membership was limited to sitting board members of for profit or nonprofit companies, but NACD’s new Accelerate provides an entry point for those who are not current board members. NACD Accelerate™ is a unique, two-year program that creates a pathway for high-potential executives with little or no experience in the boardroom to prepare for board service. Participants are provided with the tools, resources, and exposure that—along with excellent business judgment—are essential to launching a successful career as a director. NACD Accelerate also includes enrollment in NACD’s Director Professionalism foundation course for new and rising directors and the NACD Virtual Directorship Certification program.

Additionally, we heard about other resources provided by NACD and its local NACD chapters (in this case the Research Triangle Chapter) – some of which are also available to non-NACD members.

If you would like to receive a link to the Zoom recording of this program, email Jennifer De La Rosa,


June 16, 2021, Virtual

Friends, if you haven’t met Jerusha Stewart yet, this is your perfect opportunity. Jerusha is CEO + Co-founder of TAKE YOUR SEAT, a new and fast-growing social venture company with a powerful commitment to boardroom diversity. Their comprehensive online community is free for candidates such as yourself and links Black candidates with board leaders, and provides education, mentorship, access, and opportunity. Their philosophy of give a seat, add a seat, fill a seat, and share the mission includes us all. This session with Take Your Seat will focus on aspiring board candidates of color and allies.

If you would like to receive a link to the Zoom recording of this program, email Jennifer De La Rosa,

A Look Inside Athena

June 10, 2021, Virtual

DDI members have a special opportunity to join Athena Alliance, a community platform that brings together women leaders, investors, CEOs, board directors, and corporations in one global, digital ecosystem. The DDI is thrilled to present this free, one-hour information session with Athena Alliance and its dynamic founder and CEO, Coco Brown.

Athena memberships start at $850 on an annual basis, however, DDI members will be offered a discount. Members gain access to board opportunities, exclusive events, one-on-one mentorship, and more. They may also layer on one-on-one coaching.

If you would like to receive a link to the Zoom recording of this program, email Jennifer De La Rosa,

Broadening Corporate Board Diversity: Earning a Board Seat

May 27, 2021, Virtual

Welcome comments from Albert P. Carey, Executive Chairman at Unifi, our Diversity Champion.


  • Emma Battle - Boards of Unifi Inc.; Bassett Furniture Industries, Inc.; Primo Water Corporation; and Southeastern Wind Coalition
  • Andrea Bierce - Boards of UBS Bank USA and Cyient, a public company in Hyderabad, India; Freedom Communities; Advisory Board, Levine Cancer Institute
  • Suzanne Miglucci - Boards of Terra Dotta, LLC; OnBoardNC and Advisory Board, DDI
  • Shana Plott - CEO of Coleman Lew Canny Bowen executive search firm; board of Loaves and Fishes
  • Jennifer Venable - Board of Fathom Holdings Inc. and Southeast Raleigh YMCA advisory board
  • Richard (Stick) Williams - Boards of Coca-Cola Consolidated; HomeTrust Bank and HomeTrust Bancshares Inc.; and Bank of Commerce

Introduction to the Equilar Diversity Network

April 13, 2021

We’re pleased to announce that we are partnering with Equilar, Silicon Valley-based market leader in corporate leadership data, as its newest member of the Equilar Diversity Network (EDN). EDN is a consortium of more than 40 leading organizations focused on driving board diversity and changing the way organizations identify diverse board talent. The partnership presents a unique opportunity for member profiles to be included in Equilar’s BoardEdge database, recognized as a leading technology solution for board search.

DDI Database members are invited to create a profile within the BoardEdge platform. In this virtual informational session we will share resources and best practices for profile set up.

Partnership highlights and member benefits:
  • Profiles are included in an exclusive database of nearly one million executives and board members
  • Hundreds of organizations access BoardEdge to search for board candidates
  • Gain complimentary access to Equilar’s governance knowledge center
  • Receive exclusive member discounts to Equilar’s board education forums

If you would like to receive a link to the Zoom recording of this program, email Jennifer De La Rosa,

NACD, DDI, and OnBoardNC
Leading From the Boardroom: The Diversity Imperative

April 6-7, 2021

A two-day educational program for current and aspiring directors, and organizations interested in:

  • The latest data on diversity, equity and inclusion and board decision-making
  • How to prepare for service on a for-profit board
  • Advancing skills as a sitting director
  • A deep dive into strategic priorities for corporations and implications for corporate governance

View the NACD Resource Guide.

The Diversity Movement: Say This, Not That

March 25, 2021

Language is both a mirror and a force, constantly reflecting and influencing our actions, attitudes, and beliefs. That can be scary if every word is a window to our unconscious bias, but each of these interactions can also be a window to our best intentions and your personal growth. Inclusive language is the daily practice of intentional and unbiased word selection that acknowledges diversity, conveys respect to all people, and promotes equitable opportunities.

Donald Thompson, founder and CEO of The Diversity Movement!, led a live, facilitator-guided training that focuses on understanding inclusive language, its advantages, and applications. This session provided guidelines for inclusive language as well as highlighted real-world examples of words that are not inclusive and more inclusive alternatives. This session began with a high-level overview of diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) and the ROI of DEI before moving into the inclusive language focus. This event included interactive Q&A.

If you would like to receive a link to the Zoom recording of this program and the slides, email Jennifer De La Rosa,

An Intro to Startup Board Service and – Is It For You?

February 23, 2021

Learn more about what serving on the board of a start-up looks like, please join us for a webinar with our new partner, Bolster.  Bolster is an on-demand executive talent marketplace that helps accelerate companies’ growth by connecting them with talented executives for interim, fractional, advisory, project-based, and board roles.

Hear from Matt Blumberg, Cristina Miller, and Michelle Goldberg (bios here) about what start-up boards are looking for in board members and how your skills, professional and volunteer experience, and interests may help. The Bolster platform will be described in more detail.

If you would like to receive a link to the recording of this program, please contact Jennifer De La Rosa, DDI Database members will be invited to join Bolster.

Optimizing Your LinkedIn Profile for A Board Search
presented by Alyssa Gelbard

February 1, 2021

Whether you’re seeking a first-time board seat or are an experienced director, your LinkedIn profile requires a targeted approach. Don’t make the mistake of focusing solely on your impact as an operational executive. It’s critical to highlight all board experience (including nonprofit and advisory boards) as well as board-relevant experience (e.g., M&A, transformation, global expansion) and expertise in key areas (e.g., cybersecurity, regulatory compliance, risk management).

In this session, we’ll share essential strategies and tips to optimize your LinkedIn profile and improve visibility for a board search by:

  • Making the right impression with a board-appropriate Headshot
  • Writing an effective Headline that goes beyond your title & company
  • Articulating board value in the Summary
  • Adjusting Experience section to be more board-relevant
  • Including relevant hard and soft Skills

Learn about Alyssa here.

Creating A Board-Ready Resume
presented by Alyssa Gelbard

January 12, 2021

A board-focused resume is a critical part of your toolkit when marketing yourself for a board seat. Whether just starting the board journey or well on your way, your resume should emphasize board-relevant content and not operational details. The resume you use for pursuing board opportunities is not the same one that should be used when applying for jobs. In this session, we’ll cover strategies and tips to:

  • Communicate boardroom value &expertise
  • Maximize readability
  • Optimize content organization and formatting
  • Avoid outdated tactics
  • Apply best practices in each section

Learn about Alyssa here.

Establish Your Brand and Enhance Your Social Media Presence presented by Anouk Pappers

December 8, 2020

Anouk Pappers made a big impression back in July and came back by popular demand. She taught us the importance of your online presence and how to promote yourself as a board candidate. She went over the common mistakes people make and loaded us with her Tips and Tactics for personal branding. Learn more about Anouk’s company here and here.

Introduction to Mutual Fund Boards

November 16, 2020

In this session we learned about mutual fund board opportunities and how mutual fund boards differ from corporate boards. This session was presented by the Mutual Fund Directors Forum. The MFDF is an independent, non-profit organization that serves independent directors of mutual funds and other U.S. registered investment companies. This program is being offered at no cost.

If you would like to receive a link to the Zoom recording of this program and the slides, email Jennifer De La Rosa,

Race in the Boardroom

October 27, 2020

Panelists: Emma Battle, Bernard Bell, Keecha Harris and Lloyd Johnson

We discussed what role a corporate board of directors may have in helping address systemic racism. With the assistance of our wonderful panelists and the hands-on work of the program participants who provided ideas from their small groups, we compiled Race in the Boardroom: A Black Paper. The Black Paper’s purpose is to help guide discussion in the corporate boardroom about how boards can think about and respond to systemic racism and racial tensions in our society.

Financial Literacy for Directors

September 15, 2020

Panelists: Maryann Bruce, Wendy Burden, Nora Crouch and Lloyd Johnson

If you would like to receive a link to the Zoom recording of this program and the supporting materials, please contact Jennifer De La Rosa,

UNC School of Law | Van Hecke-Wettach Hall | 160 Ridge Road, CB #3380 | Chapel Hill, NC 27599-3380 | 919.962.5106
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